Monday, July 18, 2016

Next Show : Opening for Marais (German Skramz) at JK7, Kemang on Thursday (21/7)

First show after Lebaran holiday and our tour back in May hahahaha. Life gets in the way, but we're back to play more music. We will be opening for Marais (German Skramz) as a part of their SEA tour here in Jakarta. Please come and support! Renting a venue is getting more and more difficult and expensive here. 

Footsteps is now available online everywhere!

Better late than never yeah? Our first full-length "Footsteps" is now available on various digital music services. What's up overseas friends?!? 

24/7, 7 Digital, Amazon MP3, BounDEE, Emusic, iMusica, iTunes/Apple Music, MediaNet, Akazoo, Deezer, Guvera, iHeartRadio/Thumbplay, KKBOX, Qobuz, Rdio, Rhapsody/Napster, Saavn, Simfy Africa, SonStream, Spotify, Xbox Music, Youtube Art Tracks, Aspiro/Tidal, InProdicon, Music Box, AMI Entertainment, AMPYA Music Portal, Gracenote, Slacker, Bandcamp

Monday, February 1, 2016

Write-Up on The Other Option Website (SEA/Australian Hardcore/Punk Documentary!!)

Vague got a little write-up here, along with Snaggletooth, Daighila and Pisschrist. Cheers Rohan Thomas
Be sure to check out the The Other Option Documentary DVD, they recently put out covering Australian punk and hardcore in South East Asia!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

New T-shirts!

120k. Gildan ultra sizing. 

To order, sms/whatsapp 08179837029 or hit us up on email :